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How Do You Know When You’re Loved?

A Little Something for Valentine’s Day! This week’s post is a recorded conversation between Paul and Layne, number four in a series of conversations entitled, 10 Key Abilities for Building Successful Relationships. How do you know when you’re loved? That isn’t something most people think about a lot, if at all. But, knowing “how you know” […]

What a Long, Strange Ride This Year Has Been!

Have you ever had the feeling of being hungry, but you don’t know what you want? Maybe you open the cupboard or the refrigerator and look at what’s on the shelves, hoping to see something and say, “That’s it, I’ll have that!” But, you don’t find anything you really want to eat. That’s how I […]

Balancing Act and Choice Points

Choices are not always “either/or”, sometimes they are “both/and”. It often takes great wisdom and lots of experience to be impeccably discerning. Following on last post we were reminded of this set of distinctions written by a friend and colleague back in 1980. Perhaps they are relevant and worthy of reflection today as we go through any […]