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Balancing Act and Choice Points

Choices are not always “either/or”, sometimes they are “both/and”. It often takes great wisdom and lots of experience to be impeccably discerning. Following on last post we were reminded of this set of distinctions written by a friend and colleague back in 1980. Perhaps they are relevant and worthy of reflection today as we go through any […]

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Breaking Up, Separation, and Divorce Can Be Devastating – But May Also Provide the Opportunity for Self-Examination and a New Beginning There is nothing easy about ending a love relationship. Breaking up is seldom the ideal resolution to problems within relationships, but all too often is the outcome, despite our best efforts to prevent it. […]

How to Share Power in a Relationship

The evolutionary edge for humanity is sharing power. As a species we are gradually moving from using our power in self-centered adversarial ways to sharing our collective power for the mutual benefit of everyone concerned. We are shifting from a paradigm characterized by me or them to me and them. We are just beginning to […]

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