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Selfing is the cure for the cancer of resentment.

We call it selfing, neither selfish nor selfless, but the perfect balance between the two. Selfing is the skill of being true to yourself and being in balance with your commitments to others. It can be a special challenge if your world is filled with many wonderful opportunities to say “yes” to and it feels […]

Creating Powerful Partnerships – Part 5: Using Your Partnerships for Conscious Evolution

What does Conscious Evolution mean? In part, it means that you are evolving. Your experience of yourself is evolving. Who you are now is in the process of becoming something even greater than who you are in this present moment and you can participate knowingly in this process. There is greatness in you being called […]

Our Love Affair with Wisdom

As you may have read in the previous six posts in this series  we met and fell in love in San Francisco in 1976. Within one year we were travelling the USA leading weekend relationship trainings. We then settled in Hawaii for a seven year experiment in dramatic personal transformation with a group of kindred […]