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Balancing Act and Choice Points

Choices are not always “either/or”, sometimes they are “both/and”. It often takes great wisdom and lots of experience to be impeccably discerning. Following on last post we were reminded of this set of distinctions written by a friend and colleague back in 1980. Perhaps they are relevant and worthy of reflection today as we go through any […]

Creating Powerful Partnerships – Part 5: Using Your Partnerships for Conscious Evolution

What does Conscious Evolution mean? In part, it means that you are evolving. Your experience of yourself is evolving. Who you are now is in the process of becoming something even greater than who you are in this present moment and you can participate knowingly in this process. There is greatness in you being called […]

Our Great Undoing

Warning!!! We are ordinary people with a passion for solving relationship difficulties. We are curious people who have done our best to live full out and to help others along the way. We reserve the right to be “imperfect” according to others’ standards, so that we may continue our personal exploration of the Great Mystery. […]