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  • Our Love Affair with Wisdom

    As you may have read in the previous six posts in this series  we met and fell in love in San Francisco in 1976. Within one year we were travelling the USA leading weekend relationship trainings. We then settled in Hawaii for a seven year experiment in dramatic personal transformation with a group of kindred […]

  • When the Student Is Ready the Teacher Appears, Really

    When Layne told me she was breaking up with me, I could hardly believe it. I shouldn’t have been too surprised, though. I had already been divorced twice and I was only 29, so I was used to my relationships with women not working out. I just had thought my relationship with Layne was going […]

  • In the beginning . . .

     If you’ve read “our story” on our website you know just a little bit about a pivotal event in our lives. We revealed a little about a ‘mystical moment’ we shared in 1976 that sparked a romance, a vision and a ‘relationship experiment’ that is still going on today, 33 years later. But, as you might guess, […]