A Trustworthy Man – Part 1

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  1. Excellent–well written–spot right on.
    My experience with trust has not been just in a marriage that wasn’t about adultery, but egoistic unkindness. Mine has been about a whole family. When you have a mother who is narcissistic doing what she can to win over the grandchildren to her, it totally affects the trust between the children, and their mother. A whole family is affected, and in the middle of it all was the answer to my No. 1 life’s lesson–Take Charge of My Life. I was not able to do that until June 3 of this year to it’s current level of completion. My oldest of 2 children will be 49 this month. Some of us are truly slow learners. It took what it took. I’m grateful I got there. . . . . it’s called freedom and happy, not to be forgotten, unconditional love. Just an aside, my mother is 95. I’m her caregiver.

    • Thank you so much, Sandy, that means a lot to me. Layne and I both appreciate you sharing so personally and we empathize and can relate to your situation. And we congratulate you on freeing yourself from those patterns to find the freedom, happiness and unconditional love that you so richly deserve. And, all the while being caregiver to your mother. You are a courageous and resilient soul.

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