Paul and Layne’s Videos

In 2001 Paul and Layne gave a 2 hour presentation to a group of about 300 energy therapists, counselors and coaches about five predictable stages of relationships. These two short video are excerpts from that presentation. Each video is about 5 minutes long.

The Five Stages of Relationships​

Power Struggle in Relationships

In the year 2003, Layne was part of a spiritual study group that experimented with multimedia art for a community building project. The task was for each member to share a personal story of spiritual connection. Everyone in the project was tasked with writing and recording a brief script, selecting the music, selecting the images and weaving them all together using a computer software program.

Layne shares a spontaneous experience of her Higher Self that forever changed the trajectory of her life. You could know her for years and never hear her share this story, it is so deeply personal.

​Who I Am Becoming

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