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What Paul and Layne Do

Paul and Layne are coaches, educators and innovators in their field. They have been working as a professional team since 1977. Their teaching and coaching style is keenly intuitive and compassionately direct. They write books and deliver online training programs to help people create extraordinary relationships of all kinds, whether they are at home, at work or in community.

They see relationships as a co-creative process between everyone involved in the relationship. Relationships are like classrooms in which people can bring out the best in one another and overcome the worst in themselves. Everyone has a higher self and a shadow self. Paul and Layne show their clients how to access all parts of themselves in order to live an extraordinary life filled with soulful awareness, compassion and spiritual power.

With all their years of experience they can deftly provide a field of creative collaboration with their clients to achieve the client goals. They get to the heart of relationship problems with remarkable speed saving their clients time in growing beyond the relationship troubles that may be bothering them. A frequent comment about their work is they help people feel safe to move beyond barriers they didn’t even know they had. They have a keen ability to see deep unconscious patterns that drive unwanted behavior patterns and provide practical, real world solutions.

They are artful facilitators in groups and organizations to build trust and strengthen heart-full, resonant fields that deliver creative thinking and collaboration.

Paul and Layne help individuals, couples, families, business partners who want to seize the powerful spiritual opportunity available in relationships to accelerate conscious evolution. They live in a commitment to help others create a better world for all through soulful relating.

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