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You’re Never Upset for the Reason You Think – Resources

The links below will allow you to download the resources referred to in our book. They are all PDF documents that you can easily print. We recommend that you create a special folder on your computer in which to place these documents for easy access.

All of these files will open in a separate page so this page with the links will remain here for you to return to after you have downloaded each document.

1. Conscious Upset Resolution Exercise (CURE) Instructions – Download Here

2. Conscious Upset Resolution Exercise (CURE) Worksheet – Download Here

3. CURE Worksheet Example – Download Here

4. Anatomy of a Negative Belief Structure – Download Here

5. Limiting Belief Map Worksheet – Download Here

6. Limiting Belief Map Examples – David > Download Here  Emma > Download Here

7. CURE Part II Instructions – Download Here

As you no doubt noticed in the book, Part 2 of the CURE is a communication exercise using Heart to Heart Talks. Heart to Heart Talks are a simple yet powerful communication practice for bringing more authenticity and deeper connections into your relationships. 

You can learn everything there is to know about Heart to Heart Talks in our online training program​. This program includes an ebook version of our book, Straight From the Heart, along with a six module audio training program. The audio portion of the program is made up of six recordings of a live class we did in which we not only taught how to do Heart to Heart Talks, but we also answered questions and coached participants as they practiced using them in their life.

Click Here to learn more about the Heart to Heart Talks Communication Program​. This is the next step if you wish to continue your practical relationship education and skill development.